Friday, July 9, 2010

Yay New Blog!

I have FINALLY taken the time to start this blog! I'm attempting to expand my knowledge in the area's of baking, baking photography and anything else I might currently be enjoying. I ♥ to bake and am really excited to share the recipes I find with all of you! The majority of what I make will be cookies, candy and pie. I will not make much cake because I'm not really a cake eater. Not to say that I don't like cake... I would just rather eat something else like... cheese cake or ice cream or truffles!

So the blog design that I currently have is still in the works! I should have something much more appropriate for a baking blog soon. My designer is my friend Nick and you can see his amazing artistic abilities at

Today's blog will be a dedication to two of the favorite things I have made in the past. Enjoy!

I have always been afraid to make Apple Pie... it just seemed so difficult until I found this website!

Everyone loves cupcakes! Don't waste your time mixing cupcake ingredients... they are just as good if not better from a box (I suggest Betty Crocker Super Moist but don't take my word for it! Read this article!). With cupcakes you should spend your time on frosting and decorations! I used these cake decorating tools from Pampered Chef to add the uhhh mazing icing!

As always (well... from this point forward anyway) this baking blog was edited for awesomeness by The Lady in Red.


  1. I really enjoyed this first entry, GO JACKIE!! I can't wait to see all your tasty pastries :)

    - The Lady in Red

  2. Nice! I have tried making cupcakes from scratch before (red velvet). Never again....Lol. I look forward to your future blog entries!